the state of being strong and active; energy.

“Sometimes it just takes a little change and a little inspiration to make a big difference in our lives”

Our Story

Greeting from our Co Founder Jennifer Axton

Life is all about vitality. This word is defined as, “the state of being strong and active.” Being strong is not just about physical strength, but the ability to stay well in the day to day. Strength can carry us towards our goals that are not only physical. Health in body leads to health in mind. I believe in vitality. Healthy living helps us all be strong. And to do that we need to be active. The ability to be active begins with taking in the right kinds of foods and beverages. The energy we get from food is vital, and from different foods we get different kinds of energy. High sugar and fats may make us feel powerful to begin with, but will leave us crashing and craving more things our bodies don’t need. Root9 aims to be a product that promotes your health and wellbeing. I designed Root9 with vitality in mind.

Root9 can be “your root for life”. It is the root for my life and my vitality.

The base of Root9 is high grade Korean Red Ginseng (KRG). In Korea, KRG’s health and medicinal value is highly respected. It is sold in almost every pharmacy, grocery, and department store. It is attributed to have properties that can affect every part of human health from anti-aging to alleviating other health issues. This root is an integral part of the health culture of Korea and my own personal health choices. I have seen the properties of KRG first hand. My grandmother, now seventy-five years old, has consumed KRG for her entire life. She is often mistaken as a much younger woman, and feels that it is the consumption of KRG that supports her personal vitality. She has optimal health and encourages the use of it throughout the family. In our family, the culture of the root and living a healthy lifestyle was a major part of growing up and staying well. She educated us about its health benefits.

Story of Root9

My father struggled with Type 2 Diabetes. This disease can make it difficult for someone to share in the vitality of the world and remain healthy. Diet and exercise have to be carefully controlled. My grandmother encouraged him to use KRG and it changed his life. By using the herb he was able to help control his disease. Seeing my father go from struggling to thriving with the consumption of this root convinced me that it was beneficial. I developed Root9 so that I could share these health benefits with others. Each can of Root9 contains 500 mg of high grade KRG, which is the full recommended serving. With every can of Root9 you can boost your vitality and make it easier to choose the healthy option. The reputation about many health drinks is that they are often poor tasting. You should not have to sacrifice your taste buds for more vitality. Root9 has a fantastic taste, but contains low calories, allowing you to reap the benefits of KRG without making any sacrifices for flavor.

I believe that you can be vital, that you can stay strong and healthy. Root9 can become a life boosting part of your routine. By embracing the benefits of KRG in your own life you join an age old tradition whose only purpose is to keep vitality in the world.

Authentic True Korean Red Ginseng

KRG is a natural food that is closely monitored by the Korean government to protect its integrity. Each step of the planting, growing, drying, and other processes are heavily monitored to ensure authenticity. Due to its reputation, there are many imitations on the market. Root9 sources certified six year KRG from reputable organic farmers and is handled in a facility with strict manufacturing practices to ensure safe & high quality products with factory certifications by FDA, GMP, and SGS. Carefully handpicked roots are rinsed with water and cleaned with modern processors use ultrasonic waves to blast to remove any left-over debris. For the best quality red ginseng, Ginseng roots are steamed and dried by dehydration methods.


Factory Research and Development

Root9 collaborates with a local Ginseng Research and Development team located in Pyeongtaek-Si, South Korea. The team is lead by Dr. Lee Gwang Seung doctor of science who has 30 years of experience putting his heart and passion in ginseng research and development. The team takes pride in producing excellent quality products by consistently achieving new research goals and aiming for innovation. We believe in small and local business, and hope to promote the life success of not only our consumers, but our business partners as well.