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Product Description

Serving Size: 1 Can/12oz

Dosage: 1-3 cans daily.

Appearance: Lightly carbonated with natural colors.

Taste: Tropical Gold: Natural Tropical fruit flavors with clean citrus finish.

Original Red: Crispy herbal flavor with refreshing sweet finish.

ROOT9 Premium Soft Drink is ready to drink Red Ginseng uniquely made with Green Tea and Vitamins to help restore vitality and well being. Sparkling water and natural flavors for taste make daily Red Ginseng intake easy and enjoyable. Filled with nutrition and antioxidants, it can help individuals that are recovering from illnesses. Root9 Original Red is sweetened with a sugar substitute called Splenda, which contains no calories. Root9 Tropical Gold is sweetened with a sugar substitutes called Stevia and Erythritol, which contains no calories. The benefits provided by these sweeteners cannot be over looked. For example, an individual does not have to worry about the risks of getting fat or having dental cavities. This is why it is both recommended for diabetic and non-diabetic individuals, as it has no effect on the levels of insulin. Red ginseng extract has many minerals and vitamins that make the drink unique from others in the market. The vitamins B in Root9 Soft Drink helps the body in converting ingested food into fuel that the body later uses to produce energy. The B complex vitamins are very important in metabolizing fats as well as proteins. Another very important component in the Root9 Soft Drink is the green tea extract. Green tea has natural caffeine that makes the body to relax. By recognizing the healthy benefits that Root9 Soft Drink can confer to an individual, everyone would literally want to consume this drink.

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