Ginseng Raw Extract

100% Pure Red Ginseng extracted from premium 6 year grown ginseng roots. Our low temperature extraction process preserves the rich flavor of ginseng and retains its active health functions. Function Ingredient: 5.0mg Ginsenosides Rb1 Rg1 Rg3

Use to make ginseng tea, tonics, or eat raw as nutritional food.

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Ginseng Drinks

Modern twist on 2000 years of tradition. Ready to drink Red Ginseng formulated with Green Tea and Vitamins to help restore vitality promote health and well being. Added natural flavors for great taste make daily Red Ginseng intake easy and enjoyable.

Zero Calories, No Sugar, No Sodium

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UPDAY Hangover Prevention Pill

Natural plant vitamin tablets taken before & after alcoholic drinks to support liver and hangovers.

When one consumes alcoholic drinks, they are broken down into acetaldehyde a toxic poison. The breakdown of acetaldehyde is slow and it consequently accumulates in the body, thus creating symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and sweating. It is this uncomfortable feeling that is referred to as a hangover.

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Ginseng Capsules

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