*Your brand is awesome I love it…it has helped through my diet and helped me with energy.*


*I started with one can of Root9 each day for 24 days during that period my glucose readings were brought under control…it was an important part of a successful effort… I also found that my alertness seemed to be sharper as well…*


*I have diabetes and wear a dexcom monitor. I drank Root9 and it helped with my alertness.*

Paso Robles

*When my glucose level was at a low. I drank Root9 and 6 minuets later my glucose levels were at a stable level. I have also tried Root9 when my glucose levels were at a High and again it brought my glucose levels to a stable point.*

Yuba City

*I am diabetic on tablets. Drinking Root9 has reduced my sugar levels substantially.*


*Lowered my blood sugar and blood pressure. It gives me lots of energy that I haven’t had in years. I usually can’t even go shopping through one store without being sore and tired. Today I went shopping at two big stores. I get sore very easy from my diabetes that would take a long time to heal or wouldn’t go away. Now I heal fast.*


*Chronic conditons Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
Root9 has given me the boost I needed for my workouts at the gym,
Has provided me the ‘lift’ I need in the afternoon at work and reduced the stress without sugar. My Dr. has reduced my blood pressure and Diabetes medication since I added Root9 to my daily use in the last year and I have brought my weight down by 15lbs. Root9 has been a definitely positive impact in my life and health!*


*I have been consuming coffee for over 20 years and have not been able to
Decrease my usage without feeling tired and sleepy. I have tried other energy drinks and formulas, but most of them have caffeine as a main ingredient. Caffeine has affected my blood pressure, mood, and focus. When I started to drink a can of Root9 on a daily basis, I began feeling a sense of vitality without crashing; I have also been able to lower my caffeine consumption significantly. Definitely, the way to feel vitality without adverse consequences!*

San Ramon

*I love root 9. Keeps my husband’s blood sugar in check. I don’t have to limit him on how many root 9s he drinks. He doesn’t have to worry about his blood sugar spiking or crashing later. Everybody we know has heard us talk about how awesome this is. And the mango is the best!! I even on board with this drink and I hate energy drinks!*


*I purchased a couple of them since I believed it would benefit my mother in which suffers from Diabetes. She has taken one a day for the past three days, her blood sugar level has been stable which is excellent for an individual with diabetes.*


*I have Crohns disease and drink Root9 2x a day. It gives my energy to do my daily routines without making me lose my appetite like other energy drinks. I don’t know what it is about this Korean red ginseng but it helps with my cramping in my stomach and I don’t have to take as much pain medicine.*


*My husband and his partners discovered Root9 in a local gas station while on duty. He bought (at least) one every day after that… And of course I jumped on the wagon after hearing how good it was. Your company effectively has our whole police department hooked on these things. Please keep up the good work!!! We love our Root9’s.*


*I started drinking Root9 as a replacements/treat for quitting soda and boy I am glad I did! I’ve already lost 11 pounds, feel a lot more energetic and my blood pressure has gone down! I still have some weight to lose, but I plan on doing it with Root9 right by my side!*

Citrus Heights

*Type 2 diabetic, Root 9 Lowered my blood sugar levels significantly.*


*I’d like to say thank you to Root 9 every since my husband’s been drinking at his diabetes has been under control he has the energy that he needs every single day and his numbers are great so once again thank you for making Root 9 and thank you for being a part of our family.*


I was at the Fashion Island mall, and I had a really upset stomach. I was going to find some ginger-ale to see if that would help, but by the grace of God I came across Root 9 instead. I had been experiencing terrible stomach pain for over an hour, then I had some Root 9 Ginseng Raw Extract and I started feeling better right away! Awesome!

Newport Beach


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