Take UP-DAY for Hangover & Liver Support*

UP-DAY Hangover Prevention Pill

We’ve all been there before; waking up with a hangover so severe, after a night of drinking and partying, that you can barely move let alone get out of bed. Now thanks to UP-DAY hangover pill, you’ll never have to deal with this kind of splitting headache ever again. At Root9, our goal is to provide customers with products made with natural ingredients, specifically plants and herbs, that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. And one such product is our anti-hangover pill, UP-DAY.

What is UP-DAY?

UP-DAY is a hangover prevention pill that contains milk thistle, hovenia dulcis, kudza vine, and ginseng. Each of these ingredients has properties that can reduce and prevent hangover, detoxify the body from toxins and chemicals, and promote liver health.

Individuals who have taken these pills for hangover have attested to their efficacy. How are these hangover cure tablets taken? Usually, individuals take two pills of the UP-DAY hangover medicine about 30 minutes before drinking and then 30 minutes after, for the best results.

Hangovers refer to the uncomfortable physiological and psychological effects that follow an excessive consumption of drinks that contain ethanol. Over the years, the cause of this unpleasant condition has been sought in a bid to reduce its effects. Hangovers are caused by the dehydrating property of ethanol. The condition can be blamed on the buildup acetaldehyde. When one consumes alcoholic drinks, they are broken down into acetaldehyde, which is then metabolized into a less active product called acetate. Eventually, the acetate is broken into carbon dioxide and water, substances that can be easily eliminated by the body. However, the breakdown of acetaldehyde is slow and it consequently accumulates in the body, thus creating symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and sweating. It is this uncomfortable feeling that is referred to as a hangover.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a type of herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. Its leaves provide the most therapeutic benefits; and when these are crushed they produce a milky substance that contains a compound known as flavonoid silymarin. This compound has been found to be effective in protecting the liver by preventing tissue scars from developing, preventing toxins from binding to liver cells, and minimizing liver injury caused by various environmental toxins as well as the intake of certain drugs, specifically those that contain acetaminophen.

Hovenia Dulcis AKA Raisin Tree

Hovenia dulcis on the other hand, is a type of tree, and is generally referred to as the Japanese raisin tree. It is found in various regions of Asia including China, Japan, Korea, and the Himalayas. When used for therapeutic purposes, the plant has been found to reduce hangovers and treat liver diseases. For hangover prevention or reduction, it works by reducing the levels of alcohol circulating in the body.

Kudza Vine

In Japanese culture, the Kudza vine is regarded as the Royal Food, and is primarily used as an ingredient for food, soups and drinks. In traditional Chinese medicine, the vine is known as ge gen and is one of their 50 fundamental herbs. Apart from relieving muscle pain, treating gut disorders, and lowering blood pressure, Kudza is also used to treat migraines and hangover relief.


Finally, the last but not least ingredient in the UP-DAY anti-hangover pill is ginseng. This herb has been a staple ingredient in alternative medicine for decades as its medicinal properties have been found to be effective in removing toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Its components, specifically saponins and ginsenosides, promote liver health by helping it function properly while also protecting it from toxin or chemical buildup.

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